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This website boasts many types of bags such as burlap, (known as crocus bag in Jamaica), Goady bags (made from calabash) and coconut bags.

Burlap is a type of dense, woven fabric, usually made from natural fibers like jute. Burlap, because of the natural fibre is very environmentally friendly, recyled widely and will ultimately biodegrade.

The Goady Bags are made from the fruit of the Calabash Tree (Crescentia Cujete).The calabash are prepared by hollowing out the inner flesh and seeds leaving the skin. Once the skin dries it can be used to make sturdy vessels and containers.

The Goady Bags and Coconut Bags are exquisite art pieces, lovingly created to exude a sophisticated air, grab attention and even serve as conversation-starters. Both products are painstakingly handcrafted into functional and decorative works of art.

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