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JaCC About Us

Jamaica Creative Cooperative was formed to promote and market the creative works of Jamaicans. Members produce authentic and unique handcrafted art, craft, gift and souvenir items such as: painting, sculpture, ceramic, drawing, leather craft, crochet, embroidery, herbal products, stone carving, wood carving, glasswork, metal work, wicker & straw works, Burlap bags, bamboo craft, tonic wines, seasonings, etc.

Jamaica has a vibrant and unique culture which has captivated the attention of the world. “Brand Jamaica” is a leading brand world-wide, a brand with vast potential and significant brand equity that other countries continue to seek to replicate. However Brand Jamaica has achieved its current status almost by accident, that is, through the work of a select few such as its artistes and our sportsmen and women. This brand, despite its vast potential, has therefore developed without sufficient strategic marketing and brand positioning at the macro level.

Jamaica Creative Cooperative (JaCC), was formed in June 2010 to harness and support the work of creative Jamaicans through aggressive marketing and promotion of their products and services to local and international markets, particularly the Diaspora.


JaCC is the brainchild of Horace and Maxine Donovan. They both lived in the UK for over 25 years and returned to Jamaica in June 2008. Horace is an artist and a graduate teacher, while Maxine has provided consultancy in training & development to a number of organisations in the UK. She presently operates an out of school project in Manchester to assist children with their literacy skills.

Members of the group include well-known Jamaican artists to virtual unknowns who are all skilled and creative. Many of the members are based in Manchester, but there are members from other parishes such as Clarendon, St Catherine and Hanover.


  • To engage in a strategic marketing campaign to promote the work of the members of the group.
  • Develop a website that will showcase the group’s work, especially to the Jamaican Diaspora, and facilitate on-line purchasing.
  • To sell products in gift shops in the resort areas, art galleries, craft shops such as Things Jamaican, the two international airports, home and garden centres, the Jamaican Diaspora, intermediaries, etc
  • To offer tours, demonstrations and workshops so that tourists and school children, for example, can see the production of creative items in their natural setting.
  • To provide employment, apprenticeship and training to young people and members of the local community.
  • To involve more creative people from other parishes and increase the range of products that the group can offer.  

Locally and internationally, there is a strong demand for unique and authentic Jamaican products.

Support the Jamaican economy. Build Jamaica – Buy Jamaican!